Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Qualifications

The ILM is the largest qualification awarding and professional body in Europe for management and leadership vocational qualifications. The content of ILM programmes is linked to the latest management and leadership standards, ensuring relevant, current content and thinking.

By improving management knowledge, confidence and ability of individuals, an ILM qualification can contribute to enhanced business performance.

ASK Learn & Develop are licensed to provide the following ILM qualifications which are part of the National Qualifications Framework:

Management & Leadership Qualifications
Level 2 Award in Team Leading
Level 3 Award in First Line Management

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

The CIEH are a professional awarding body that stands at the forefront of public health and safety. Their qualifications are highly regarded by businesses throughout the UK and recognised as
the benchmark for safety training.

ASK Learn & Develop are licensed to provide the following CIEH qualifications:

  • Level 1 in Food Safety
  • Level 2 in Food Safety (Foundation Certificate)
  • Level 3 in Food Safety (Intermediate Certificate)
  • Level 1 in Health and Safety
  • Level 2 in Health and Safety (Foundation Certificate)
  • Stress Awareness

Stonebow Qualifications

Stonebow is a division of People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, leisure, tourism and travel. Stonebow qualifications are designed to increase the effectiveness of service-based businesses, ensuring that the skills employers need are the skills they get.

ASK Learn & Develop are licensed to provide the following Stonebow qualifications:

Practical Training Certificate
Learn how to train and develop others.

Sales Skills
Develop your frontline teams to translate leads into sales.

Time Management
Learn how to manage your priorities to increase efficiency and your professional standards.

Handling Conflict
Learn how to manage conflict and its impact in order to develop positive outcomes.

Welcome to Excellence Qualifications

Welcome to Excellence is the national customer service training initiative for the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism sector. Welcome To Excellence training programmes will improve your reputation and boost your business.

ASK Learn & Develop work with Career Concepts Ltd and Regional Tourist Board Partnerships Ltd to deliver the following Welcome to Excellence courses in and around London:

Welcome Host
An introduction to the essentials of great customer service.

Welcome Host Plus
The next step after Welcome Host, this course covers customer service at its best, adding to your customer service skills.

Welcome All
An insight into how to meet the expectations of people with disabilities or specific needs.

Green Advantage
Training in Sustainable Tourism helps participants to increase their understanding of environmental and sustainable tourism issues and plan practical action to boost business performance.